Friday, September 9, 2016

Find crisp photos for teaching materials!

  1. Begin an Image Search in google by typing the word in the address bar in Google Chrome Browser, or the google search bar on the website. Press “enter” on your keyboard

2. Choose “Images” to narrow the search

3. Choose “Search Tools” and specify file size for images.

Web images, especially the thumbnails used for Google indexing, are 72 dpi or less. Anything you print will need to be at least 300 dpi or more, or it will look blurry.

4. Under “Search Tools,”
Go to “Size” drop-down menu
Choose “Medium”

5. Click on the picture you want, to expand it (shown above), but don’t copy it. That is a thumbnail (72 dpi small) version of the picture.

6. Instead, Choose “View Image” and it will appear by itself in a new tab

7. Right click your mouse cursor on the large picture in it's special tab and choose to “Copy” to paste immediately in another document, or “Save Image as” to rename, and use for later.

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