Thursday, June 16, 2016

Program the Ablenet Blue2

Programmable Bluetooth interface to make Music app into cause and effect, switch accessible activity. Reuse your iPad 1st generation or iPods.

Written steps:

1. Turn on Blue2
2. Plug in keyboard 
3. Toggle Blue2 to "Learn"
4. Tap white S1 or orange S2 button to program, hit keyboard key, tap button to finish. (S1 or S2 light will flash to indicate record mode. If nothing flashes, try a different keyboard- it's not recording)
5. Repeat on other button.
6. Toggle "learn" off
7. Pair with ANY iDevice

Shortcuts I use often:
Play/pause any media on the iPad: F8
Advance any media on the iPad: F9
F7 plays previous track
In camera app: "up arrow" will trigger the shutter for video or photo
Long press on a button will often reveal secondary functions

Bang away on a connected keyboard in your favorite app to see if you can find a shortcut. Please share with us!

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