Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Resize the pointer/cursor on your computer

I wanted to resize the pointer/cursor on a classroom computer, I found really helpful instructions here.

Monday, September 19, 2016

List of Switch Accessible Games and Activities you can run on your Web Browser:

List of Switch Accessible Games and Activities you can run on your Web Browser:

HelpKidzlearn: The subscription $99 per year for 1 user or $219 for a site. If you create an account you can play 10 games for free as much as you like.

Papunet http://papunet.net/games/games They have games similar to angry birds that work with switches. Some games available that just work on attention and looking. Can be customized.

Tar Heel Reader has lots of free switch accessible content, it has synthesized text reader, available in multiple languages, and has current age appropriate topics created by users and teachers http://tarheelreader.org/ look for Tar Heel books on everything from Presidents’ Day to Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift!

Hiyah http://hiyah.net/online.htm has powerpoint-like books all made that you can advance with a button press. All subjects.

ShinyLearning http://www.shinylearning.co.uk/freegames/ more silly games.

Specialties http://www.specialbites.com/ More Games and some blog type content. Downloadable slideshows (switch accessable) They also adapted some popular meme/videos with a timed play (Charlie bit me!!! ). 

Some kids could use a switch in google docs and record voice to text. http://stealthswitch3.com/applications/

If you have a programmable switch interface (like stealth switch)  you can use a switch as a shortcut for something. Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts that work in Chromebooks to program into a switch input https://support.google.com/chromebook/answer/183101?hl=en

Friday, September 9, 2016

Find crisp photos for teaching materials!

  1. Begin an Image Search in google by typing the word in the address bar in Google Chrome Browser, or the google search bar on the website. Press “enter” on your keyboard

2. Choose “Images” to narrow the search

3. Choose “Search Tools” and specify file size for images.

Web images, especially the thumbnails used for Google indexing, are 72 dpi or less. Anything you print will need to be at least 300 dpi or more, or it will look blurry.

4. Under “Search Tools,”
Go to “Size” drop-down menu
Choose “Medium”

5. Click on the picture you want, to expand it (shown above), but don’t copy it. That is a thumbnail (72 dpi small) version of the picture.

6. Instead, Choose “View Image” and it will appear by itself in a new tab

7. Right click your mouse cursor on the large picture in it's special tab and choose to “Copy” to paste immediately in another document, or “Save Image as” to rename, and use for later.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Program the Ablenet Blue2

Programmable Bluetooth interface to make Music app into cause and effect, switch accessible activity. Reuse your iPad 1st generation or iPods.

Written steps:

1. Turn on Blue2
2. Plug in keyboard 
3. Toggle Blue2 to "Learn"
4. Tap white S1 or orange S2 button to program, hit keyboard key, tap button to finish. (S1 or S2 light will flash to indicate record mode. If nothing flashes, try a different keyboard- it's not recording)
5. Repeat on other button.
6. Toggle "learn" off
7. Pair with ANY iDevice

Shortcuts I use often:
Play/pause any media on the iPad: F8
Advance any media on the iPad: F9
F7 plays previous track
In camera app: "up arrow" will trigger the shutter for video or photo
Long press on a button will often reveal secondary functions

Bang away on a connected keyboard in your favorite app to see if you can find a shortcut. Please share with us!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Turning an Airplane Pillow into a Chin Switch!

For more information on adding more purpose and opportunities for engagement, how to  incorporate the use of walking toys into typical, daily play and school activities, click the link below.